Dealing with email overload

Email is amazing. I can send a message to anyone in the world in seconds, for free, regardless of which application, platform or device we are both using. But it’s been so effective at removing barriers to communication that it’s become a barrier to productivity (and wellbeing). Sound familiar? Over the last twenty years I’ve […]

Krystal WordPress Hosting Review

I’ve been using WordPress hosting providers since 2012, and I’m happy to stick with a provider if they’re good I know reviewing my choices at least annually makes sense. Recent service outages at Tsohost (my previous hosting company) only highlighted the importance of picking the right hosting company, so I thought I’d set out how […]

Time for a change

After more than ten years at the University of Cambridge I’m making a move, quite a big one, by relocating to the other side of the country. This is a lifestyle and family led change, not a professionally led change, but I’ve landed on my feet and found what feels like the perfect employer in […]

Breaches – the inevitable reality

Whether you’re a consumer or employed in the public, private or third sector, the inevitable reality is that you will eventually experience an information security breach. Like death and taxes it’s not a question of if you will be breached, it’s a question of when. So how should this inevitable reality change the way we […]

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