Sharing Data Safely – Part 1

One of the challenges of working in an organisation as large as the University of Cambridge is disseminating information. Recently some people have started to ask questions about how we share information across the University, and how staff are expected to differentiate legitimate University communication from phishing emails, or those containing malware. It’s not a […]

Talking about cyber security

Recently I was on the receiving end of some poorly communicated security messaging. It was the middle of an already difficult week where the dysfunction of the wider University was having a unusually high impact, and then I was passed a scanned copy of a letter (yes, a hard copy, someone-printed-this-out letter) which was intended […]

Planning vs Reality

I woke up this morning and looked back on the total car crash which is my week. The reality is another 45-50 hour week with not a lot to show for it.  I’ve reflected on this, and concluded that the reason is obviously bad planning on my part. The mistake I made was coming up […]

Let’s try that again

My website has always been an experiment (that’s my excuse anyway), and over time it’s been a commercial shop front for my consulting company, generated enough affiliate income to pay for my hosting and been a place where I wrote things down as a way of processing and refining ideas, with communication being a bonus. […]

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