Planning vs Reality

I woke up this morning and looked back on the total car crash which is my week, classic planning vs reality. It was another 45-50 hour week with not a lot to show for it.  I’ve reflected on this, and concluded that the reason is obviously bad planning on my part.

The mistake I made was coming up with plans like this;

  • 830-9 : Process inputs
  • 9-11 : Do important tasks
  • 11-12 : Project Meeting
  • 12-1230 : Catch up on email

And so on ..

What I should have planned is more like this;

  • 830-845 : Process inputs
  • 845 : Read email about a completely unnecessary crisis created by someone elses bad planning/communication/execution
  • 845-1105 : Attempt to deal with unnecessary crisis
  • 1105-12 : Project Meeting (arrive late and unprepared)
  • 12-5 : Deal with unnecessary crisis

So the learning I’ve extracted from this week is:

always set aside at least half your day to deal with other people’s problems.

Happy planning kids!

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