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UK WordPress Hosting Long Term Review

I’ve been using Tsohost for 3.5 years now, after moving away from Fasthosts in 2012.  Every year or so I review my hosting provider; in 2013 Tsohost were still top of my list, in 2014 the quality of their technical support convinced my I was still with the right hosting provider.  It’s been a while since I last re-assessed.  I’ve seen some comments on my blog about tech support, and some complaints about lack of Lets Encrypt SSL support, so I thought I’d take another look, and ask; are they still the best UK WordPress Hosting provider?

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Tsohost still best UK WordPress Hosting company

Tsohost.Logo.Reversed.WhiteJust over a year ago I blogged about moving my WordPress hosting provider.  I’d had a poor experience of another provider and just wanted some reliability and reasonable customer service.  I’m very happy to say that Tsohost has provided that, and exceeded my expectations over the past year

Now I’m not going to claim they’re perfect, because that’s frankly impossible, and anyone making such claims is either deluded or has a vested interest.  They are however proving to be easy to use, fast and effective in their response to support or billing queries, and when they do have downtime I’ve only noticed it from their prompt publication of issues on Twitter and their status page (

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My vote for best UK WordPress Hosting

Tsohost-Logo-Copied-SmallLast week, I decided I wanted to move my hosting.  I’d been happy with my blog, and my mail and web hosting at Fasthosts, but both had limitations (the blog had limited plugins and couldn’t be integrated with Google Analytics, and the Fasthosts package didn’t offer SSL IMAP and SMTP). 

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