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Cyber what now?

As an industry we’re not particularly good at talking to people about cyber security in a way which is helpful for them, rather than in a way that either triggers a visceral reaction, a sale …

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Information Security Policies for people

Often driven more by regulation and legislation than by any real desire to change behaviour, information security policies are seen by author and reader alike as a tick box exercise. Organisations either forget or don’t …

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Data Accumulation Prevention

We’ve got it all wrong Over the past few weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Microsoft 365, improving our DLP policies to stop specific data types from …

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Cyber security is a seatbelt

One of the things which still annoys me after 20+ years in IT is when I hear an organisation wanted to do something, but the outcome was “security says no“. This behaviour causes business and …

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Breaches – the inevitable reality

Whether you’re a consumer or employed in the public, private or third sector, the inevitable reality is that you will eventually experience an information security breach. Like death and taxes it’s not a question of …

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