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In IT, what is a good measure of success?

Whether you adopt ITIL, MOF or CoBIT, eventually you’re going to come across KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators.  The idea is that you can measure success by identifying indicators (quantitative, directional, financial) which are important to the organisation, and then use these to identify both opportunities to improve, and measure improvement over time.

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Whats the point of IT Strategy?

strategyI’ve always struggled with the construction of a meaningful IT Strategy, not because I don’t understand the concept, but because nine times out of ten my employer or client doesn’t.  Every time I’ve written an IT Strategy it’s been a ‘bottom up’ process, presenting a carefully prepared masterpiece like a toddler, only to get a pat on the head and see them stuck on the fridge with the rest of the project plans, acceptable use policies and service statements.

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