Let’s try that again

My website has always been an experiment (that’s my excuse anyway), and over time it’s been a shop front for my consulting company, generated enough affiliate income to pay for my hosting and been a place where I wrote things down as a way of processing and refining ideas, with communication of those ideas being a bonus.

It stopped working through, and it’s been over 18 months since I last managed to write anything, because what I wanted to write didn’t fit the site; the format was constraining the content. Having struggled with this sporadically over the past few months I realised I needed to stop messing about and start again; new template, new purpose, new content.

How can technology solutions at work help us in ordinary life?

So here it is, a new virgin WordPress blog, all shiny and new, full of innocence, naivety and optimism. I’ve decided to stick with a free Themegrill theme, and having previously flipped between a binary states of either personal or professional subject matter I’m letting this one be both.

The site is going to evolve (right now there’s no content and at 3:53 am this is not a good time to be creating) but whilst the look will change, the themes will be consistent; ideas, people and things.

  • Ideas: everything from fundamental technology principles like service management through to methods, processes, tips and tricks.
  • People: from individuals to teams and organisations, development, wellbeing and relationships.
  • Things: everything from large (cloud based services, operating systems) through to small (apps, devices, gadgets).

Some of my posts will steal an idea take inspiration from Simon Mundie’s BBC Radio 4 programme “Don’t Tell Me The Score” and focus on how technology solutions at work can help us in life. Some (for balance) will look at how my life interacts with my work. The rest will be about providing good IT service and support, with just a bit of cyber security thrown into the mix for fun.

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