Where did all the fishing posts go?

fishing and workLast week I decided that merging my personal (mostly tech related blog) with my fishing blog back in 2011 hadn’t worked for me.  The idea was for my blog to reflect both sides of my life.   However, my blog can’t do that, because there’s more aspects to my life than will ever appear in my blog posts.  The extent of crossover between the two potential groups of readers is also small to non-existent (someone looking for information on good WordPress hosting is very unlikely to be interested in a review for a fishing rod!)

So I decided to split my blog back into two, so the readers of each would only see information relevant to their search, and not something completely different.  I’ve got redirects setup for most posts, apologies if you were looking for something and didn’t find it.  If you are interested in my fishing posts, you can now go to my fishing blog.

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