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Tsohost-Logo-Copied-SmallLast week, I decided I wanted to move my hosting.  I’d been happy with my blog, and my mail and web hosting at Fasthosts, but both had limitations (the blog had limited plugins and couldn’t be integrated with Google Analytics, and the Fasthosts package didn’t offer SSL IMAP and SMTP).  So, I started a-Googling for WordPress hosting in the UK.  Eventally I had a couple of candidates, and picked the one which seemed best at the time, Dataflame.  I’m ashamed to say that, after price and features, the website design was a significant factor in my choice (a mistake I won’t make again).

Everything went well initially, I purchased my package (which was very easy), changed the DNS, and started setting up a new WordPress blog and email accounts.  The process took longer than I was expecting, and I experienced multiple problems with plugins on WordPress (the import of my blog with media and attachments failed, installation of some plugins resulted in PHP errors).  Finally I was done, with some limitations (some plugins I couldn’t install, and I was still sending my email account passwords over the air in clear text), but it was working.

Then, on Thursday morning, less than a week after signing up to Dataflame, everything start to go wrong, but you can read the full fiasco here.

Suffice to say I’d never use Dataflame again.

Second time lucky

So, yesterday I decided to find myself a new provider, and started again on Google.  This time, I put a lot less emphasis on the cosmetic appeal of the website (which only proves they have access to a half decent web design team) and more on references, functionality and the finer details which separate ‘OK’ from ‘Great’.

My requirements were;

  • WordPress hosting
  • One button installs
  • UK data centre
  • UK based technical support
  • Evidence of good customer engagement
  • Discount for annual billing
  • A money back guarantee

Eventually I’d narrowed it down to Freshsites, Tsohost and Heart Internet.  Of the three Tsohost was the cheapest, and recommended by three different reviews (including one by Freshsites!).  Heart Internet was the platinum option, and if I wasn’t trying to save a few bob I’d have selected them (the fact that they’ve got Suzi Perry all over the site helped).  Eventually I couldn’t see any bonus using Freshsites over Tsohost, so I went with them.

Pleasantly surprised

I have (for the first time in quite a while) been genuinely impressed with their products and service.  The price is tiny (not much more than I paid Fasthosts for basic mail hosting and web redirection), and it is both cheaper, and still better quality than the Dataflame service.  The headline differences were;

  • Very quick response on twitter (even mentioning them generates feedback)
  • SSL IMAP and SMTP connections
  • WordPress one button install
  • All WordPress plugins installed fine
  • Good documentation
  • Excellent control panel (much better than the run of the mill cpanel)

I’m very happy so far, everything has worked as I’d like, I’ve got no doubt if I have a problem I’ll get a quick response, and I’m looking forward to getting a lot more out of my WordPress site, and some reliable secure mail hosting.

Richard Bartlett

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18 thoughts on “My vote for best UK WordPress Hosting
  1. Dave

    Hey, thanks for the Info, I am looking for a good host for my wordpress blog as the free site is no longer cutting the mustard. Are you still pleased with TSo a year on? I have looked at Go Daddy but I wonder if they are too big. Cheers.

    1. Richard Bartlett

      Yup, sorry for the delay in replying, my 6 month old is taking up a lot of my time! As I’ve just replied to Dave, the control panel is great, I’ve had no issues with downtime, their response to support queries has been quick and effective, and it isn’t costing much for what I get. I think they have had two short outages since I joined, both were clearly communicated during and after the event, and I have no issue recommending them to anyone. In fact I was going to blog a follow up to my previous post to say as such, but when parenting duties allow.

  2. lloyd

    Hi Richard,

    Do you have a promotional code?
    If I decide to go with this host I’d like to bat something back your way.



    1. Richard Bartlett

      No need, the link to tsohost is an affiliate link which means if you sign up after clicking on that link from my blog I get a credit to my account. I’m not too worried about it, my blog doesn’t get enough traffic to make it financially significant (income to date less than £5!). Thanks for the thought though. I was wary of the affiliate linking, a lot of browsers probably block the cookie anyway, and if people didn’t like it I’d remove it rather than stop then looking at good hosting provider.

  3. Steven

    Hi Richard,

    I just signed up for a paying account based on your review, using your affiliate link, so hopefully you’ll get something for that!

    well I almost signed up – because I am trying to pay using a UK credit card but I am on holiday in Norway they blocked my transaction! So much for remote working!

    Thanks for the writing review and saving me time reading around.


  4. Wahid Aziz

    Hi Richard and website visitors to 🙂

    My name is Wahid and I am the Head of Product & Marketing at Tsohost. I would like to say thank you very much to Richard for this blog post and the referrals that have come through after this went live.

    We at Tsohost are very passionate about support and strive everyday to go the extra mile for our customers. We see in the hosting industry support is the key differentiator and we are humbled that our customers notice this.

    I would like to let your website visitors know that at Tsohost we have launched a FREE website migration service, so if you are thinking of changing hosting providers we will take the hassle from you for migrating the site(s). If you would like more information, please email or email me directly on, where I or my colleagues would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about hosting. Also please do not forget to click on Richard’s affiliate link 😉


    1. Steven

      Just to add that I did eventually get my Tsohost wordpress blog running. I had a lot of problems initially with invalid invoices that got a bit confusing, and led to my blog getting suspended for a while due to a [not] unpaid invoice.

      Nevertheless, the TSO support sorted each issue and now it is running fine. Please take a look!

      1. Wahid Aziz

        Hey Steven,

        Sorry about that, glad it all got sorted.

        As mentioned if you do come across another issue with us, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.



        1. Steven

          Hi Wahid, I’m contacting you here because you were so quick to respond here last time.

          I have just set up a friend to use TSO hosting for their website, and she is having exactly the same problems as I had when I signed up for you. You maybe need to do something about your user sign-up workflow.

          She signed up for one of the packages and immediately paid using her Visa card. The first thing she gets is an “invoice” rather than a receipt, so her first thought is “have a really paid this or not?” Her MyTSO page says that an invoice has been raised but the order is still unpaid. Then she gets an email saying that her payment has gone through. Great! But in MyTSO it still says that the order is unpaid.

          You can see how this is quite confusing. We now don’t know whether or not her account is really paid for or not.

          1. Richard Bartlett

            Steven, I think Wahid tried to reply to you directly on my site but something went wrong (possibly my Akismet spam filtering went haywire), did you get this all sorted out?

  5. rod friend

    Hi Richard

    I hadn’t seen your blog before and it probably would have saved me a lot of time but I myself managed to find an awesome uk hosting company recently that after going through quite a lot have been so amazingly helpful and quick to respond to any difficulty and a super fast. I have never been so pleased with a uk hosting company like and I am glad you also found a good one, saves a lot of time in the long run when you run into difficulty.

    1. Richard Bartlett

      They look good, and good to see so many positive reviews! In this case I’m still paying less for Tsohost (£35 p/year), and getting an excellent service, so I reckon I got the better deal 🙂

  6. 4Box

    Hi RIchard, this thread comes a cross really well & helpful especially for the technically illiterate like myself so thought I’d take a punt and ask you directly , a few very basic questions for the likes of yourself & your readers.

    Is WordPress the right solution for me? I have an online shop on Moonfruit which is awful. I’m told I would do well to change to WordPress. Everything I read seems to point to WordPress as a blogging enabler but I’m aware of their offerings in respect of WooCommerce etc. . I have read a tremendous amount of related material but remain a tad confused on some very basic points. It’s not a blog I want, its an on-line shop (Woocommerce and others seems to be what I’m after) but I’m not sure what to do next. Do I need a hosting provider? Do I need to install the WordPress main software (which seems to be for blogging which is secondary to my shop needs) myself first then the Woocommerce stuff ? Does the hosting provider, assuming I need one, do that for me etc. etc.

    Can you point a novice in the right direction?

    Thanks in anticipation of any help here.

  7. The Web design company

    We are just opening a new account to try out TSOHost for a new client today.
    All looks good so far, used the live chat to ask all my questions and it all seems to be what we need. Good technical support response, so far so good.


  8. Adam

    Hi Richard,
    Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write this blog. My current host (a Heart Internet reseller) is just too slow so I’ve started looking around for a new one.

    On the strength of your review (and Wahid being so obviously on the ball) it looks like I’ve found what I’m looking for.

    Thank you again for saving me a lot of time and worry! 🙂


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