Tsohost still best UK WordPress Hosting company

Tsohost.Logo.Reversed.WhiteJust over a year ago I blogged about moving my WordPress hosting provider.  I’d had a poor experience of another provider and just wanted some reliability and reasonable customer service.  I’m very happy to say that Tsohost has provided that, and exceeded my expectations over the past year

Now I’m not going to claim they’re perfect, because that’s frankly impossible, and anyone making such claims is either deluded or has a vested interest.  They are however proving to be easy to use, fast and effective in their response to support or billing queries, and when they do have downtime I’ve only noticed it from their prompt publication of issues on Twitter and their status page (http://status.tsohost.co.uk/).

Still good value in 2013?

For the price, it really does seem remarkable that they can offer such a good service, but is it just as good value as it was a year ago?  I decided to take a look (having been bed ridden by something gross I picked up from my nine month old daughter!)

I did some research on Google using the same criteria as last time (UK based WordPress hosting), and was pleasantly surprised to find Tsohost is still the best value provider out there.  For £14.99 per year the Lite Hosting package gives you;

  • 500MB hosted space
  • 5GB data transfer per month
  • 2 hosted websites
  • 10 Individual Mailboxes
  • 3 MySQL Database(s)

Now some providers got close on price (Freshsites were £16.99 per year, Vidahost £17, 5quidhost £21) but of those only 5quidhost could host more than one website.  The Tsohost Lite Hosting package includes 2 websites in that package and 500MB of hosted webspace, and in comparison 5quidhost gives you 100MB space, and unlimited domains, data transfer, databases etc.

Note: the paragraph above was corrected after Ronan Burnett, the MD of 5quidhost Ltd kindly pointed out I’d made a mistake.  I’d confused their free package, which only allows for one website, with their Level 1 service, which allows for unlimited websites.  My apologies to Ronan and the team at 5quidhost, who definitely come a close second in this comparison! 


Some of the packages I looked at had more web space, or monthly data transfer limits.  Now I’ll have to be brutally honest here, my blog doesn’t get a lot of hits, and for personal blogs I think 500MB space and 5GB data transfer is probably enough.  I’m getting around 500 hits per month and that’s only generating about 250MB of traffic, and my website is well under the 500MB space I get. If you get so successful that you need more room, I’d spend the extra £20 per year for the next package up!

Customer Service

I’ve said this before, customer service is key, and it’s still my joint number one criteria when judging a service provider, alongside price. There’s no point paying a knock down price if the service is going to fail, or you can’t do what you want with it because their customer service is poor.  I’ve logged 4 support tickets with Tsohost (only one of them an actual technical problem, the rest questions), and this is the amazing response times I’ve had;

  • Ticket logged at 25/01/2013 @ 09:46:57 PM, first response 25/01/2013 @ 10:14:37 PM.  Response time 28 minutes (after 9pm)
  • Ticket logged at 6/02/2013 @ 11:19:18 AM, first response 6/02/2013 @ 11:20:39 AM.  Response time 2 minutes 21 seconds
  • Ticket logged 27/03/2013 @ 08:27:16 AM, first response 27/03/2013 @ 08:41:18 AM.  Response time 14 minutes
  • Ticket logged 21/07/2013 @ 09:56:01 AM, first response (which closed the issue) 21/07/2013 @ 03:16:44 PM.  Response time 5 hours and 20 minutes, but this was a payment issue, fixed at first response, on a Sunday.  I can’t argue with that!

This kind of response is consistent in contacting them by twitter, email, phone or their online support ticketing system.  I’ve never had service like that, even from much larger multi-national organisations which should be capable of it, which I think is the key to their success.

Tsohost are just large enough to be good, and not so large that they stop caring.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tsohost to anyone.  It’s like my local pub, they’re not the biggest operators, but they punch well above their weight on quality, service, and performance.  How can you go wrong with a provider like that?

Richard Bartlett

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14 thoughts on “Tsohost still best UK WordPress Hosting company
  1. Lewis Barham

    I have to say that the interface says it all really. The user experience is second to none in the setting up of a new site. I haven’t even set up my own site yet but going to transfer all my sites to it. Its image says its professional, simple, accurate and engineered to a tee.

  2. Carl

    They might be good for wordpress but I find it quite frustrating that they offer multiple emails, but if you set up say 3 emails for 3 different people, they can’t even change the password themselves! It’s pretty useless if you want to use email services and a little web space between your family or a small group of friends.

    1. Richard Bartlett

      I didn’t have the same problem, and I’ve got email accounts for myself and one other, the control panel allows you to change the password for any email account easily via the cloud dashboard
      1. Go to https://control.gridhost.co.uk and login
      2. Click ‘Manage Website’ on the appropriate domain
      3. Click ‘Email Accounts’ under the ‘Basic Management Tools’ tab
      4. Click ‘Change’ in the Password column for that user
      Generally I find companies prefer to delegate changing passwords to the person who owns the domain, rather than do it themselves, if only because it’s difficult for them to verify who has asked them to change the password, and if they get it wrong the consequences are significant!

      1. Carl

        Hi Richard,

        I might not have explained clearly enough. I mean me, my mate and our partners want an email address each using our own domain name. e.g. john@mywebsite.com, jack@myswebsite.com etc

        The key is we should not need to also know the admin control panel details just to change our email password. Ideally there’s just 1 person understands and does the admin. The other 3 just want an individual email account which they can control and change the password for. I’ve had that in the past but am struggling to find a web host who does similar now that I want to move from my existing host for other reasons.

        Multiple mailboxes are a bit of a joke if the passwords can only be changed by someone with admin rights going in and doing it for you.

        1. Rob Allport

          Anyone can change passwords via webmail. So get your “client” to go to http://webmail.gridhost.co.uk (or webmail.yourdomain.co.uk), login using the default password you setup and then change the password via the webmail interface – not sure whats so hard about that? This is standard for any webhost. If you wanted further functionality you’d need a reseller account.

    1. Richard Bartlett

      Carl, I can change the password for my account in webmail (webmail.yourdomainname.com) in the Roundcube webmail interface. Do you not have that option?

      1. Carl

        Hi Richard,

        We have open exchange. I can’t see any option for redcube. You can’t change an individual email password in open exchange. Sorry didn’t intend this to turn into a specific discussion but in my experience this is a serious limitation. Maybe they have different webmails depending on which plan you choose.


  3. Kayleigh O'Brien

    Hi Carl,

    We have three different Webmail softwares available on cPanel and Cloud, Roundcube, Squirrelmail and Horde. Users are able to change their email passwords using all three webmail applications.

    Also, users are able to change their email account passwords via the Cloud control panel and cPanel.

    If you are having trouble with a particular issue, do not hesitate to get in contact with us at: support@tsohost.com

    1. Carl Stovell

      Thanks Richard and Kayleigh. Going to try roundcube. Sounds like that might do it. Still a little confused though as tsohost online chat support said admin has to change passwords and individual mailbox accounts can’t.

      1. Richard Bartlett

        Always good to check, I’ve not had a better provide than Tsohost before, but anyone can get it wrong. Best to feed that back to Tsohost (I guess they’ll see this) and they can follow up to see if there’s some training required or documentation to update.

  4. Stephen

    As a complete new comer to blogging, I made my decision to go for TSO’s Lite hosting option on the basis of your review and also other positive feedback I had seen on the web. I am glad that I did. The process of setting the blog has been painless and it is very easy to administer my site. The only difficult thing has been setting up a local development environment for my blog – but that had nothing to do with TSO!

  5. Phil Cook

    I agree that 3 years ago TSO support was almost instantaneous, but now it’s a different story altogether. I suspected this would happen once TSO became popular and grew too large (I presume that’s the problem). I am now struggling to get any sort of communication from them.


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