Time for a change

After more than ten years at the University of Cambridge I’m making a move, quite a big one, by relocating to the other side of the country. This is a lifestyle and family led change, not a professionally led change, but I’ve landed on my feet and found what feels like the perfect employer in Delt Shared Services.

Why move?

From the outside it might look like quite a strange choice; I live in a lovely village, I have a great job I really enjoy and a team I love working with, why would I move (especially with the current economic outlook)? Firstly, it’s about moving nearer the sea. My wife and I have never lived so far from the sea (2 hours to get to Hunstanton) and we used to spend a lot of time on beaches (on the water or the sand). Second, we’ve always liked Devon; the landscape, the moors, the coastal towns and villages and the endless opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Finally, when we started seriously thinking about it and researched where we’d like to live we found Totnes, and that sealed it!

Where now?

So we’re set on living in Totnes (or Dartington, just north of Totnes), and I’ve managed to get a job at Delt Shared Services in Plymouth. I wasn’t expecting to improve on my current position when we moved, and was resigned to having to compromise on my choice of job to live where I wanted to live. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found a company which matches my attitude, outlook and purpose in every way, and they then offered me a job! I’ll start as Client Services Manager on 23rd September, and I’ve never felt more excited and motivated about a job before.

There is one small matter of selling our house though, so if you’re interested in a lovely 3 bedroom house in Offord Cluny (about 45 minutes from London by train or 45 minutes from Cambridge by car) feel free to check it out!

it’s great, you should definitely buy it!

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